The Mission

    The mission of the Robert Trent Jones Society is to honor Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his work, to preserve the historical information and documents pertinent to the golf courses he designed, and to encourage and support the education of member clubs on the design principles of his courses.

    The Objectives

    1. To honor Robert Trent Jones Sr. as one of the pre-eminent golf course architects of the 20th Century and to foster an understanding and appreciation of his influence on the game of golf and of his impact on the evolution of golf architecture.
    2. To locate, identify, and preserve information and documents relating to Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his work, which would serve as a resource for other member courses to further conduct their research.
    3. To assist Robert Trent Jones Sr. designed golf courses in developing among their members a greater awareness and appreciation of the history of golf course architecture, and of the breadth and high esteem of the courses that he designed or redesigned.
    4. To foster the preservation of the integrity of design and strategic intent of golf courses designed or redesigned by Robert Trent Jones Sr.
    5. To encourage an exchange of information and ideas about Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his design concepts through interaction between member clubs at an annual meeting of the Society at a founding club, to include an annual golf competition between members of the Board of Directors and the Board’s invitees.